10 Best Polygon NFTs

While Polygon has seen an explosion of DeFi protocols launching on its Ethereum scaling solution, the amount of NFTs traded on the platform has been impressive too with over $69M transacted on Opensea throughout February 2022.

With over a million users now transacting on Polygon to buy and sell NFTs, there’s a handful of projects that have arisen as clear favorites in the ecosystem.

In this article we cover the 10 Best Polygon NFTs based on volume, community and overall vibes. In no particular order, here we go!

1. The Martians: Metaverse

the martians nft

No community likes space analogies as much as the cryptoverse, so it’s no surprise that the Martians are one of the top NFT projects on Polygon. The Martians is a collection of only 5,000 programmatically generated Martian NFTs.

The Martians NFT gives token holders access to their soon to be released metaverse game The Mars’. In the game players will be able to buy land where buildings and houses can be built, and be leased to earn the games native token. With Polygon being known for its low fees and high transactions speeds, you know this game should be enjoyable!

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Opensea 30 Day Volume: 1502.9 ETH

Discord Members: 6.5k

Twitter Followers: 67.1k


2. Genesis Kosmos by Ethlas


If you know NFTs, you know that cute sells. There is simply no denying these Komos are cute! These little dragons give you utility in the already live Ethlas game which is the #1 casual play to earn game and was voted the best NFT project by Polygon.

With a Komo you can access exclusive games, win big with high-stakes tournaments, multiply your winnings, earn from scholarships, receive airdrops, and unlock treasure chests filled with the native token GEM. You can also earn GEM by playing the Ethlas game.

If you want an NFT project with clear utility, this is it.

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Opensea 90 Day Volume: 69.7 ETH

Discord Members: 36k

Twitter Followers: 24.3k


3. ZED Run

zed run nft

ZED run is another NFT with real utility. You can race, breed, earn and win ETH in their game by racing NFT horses. It’s a simple concept with futuristic graphics which is a clear hit if you like betting on the horse races. 

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Opensea 90 Day Volume: 446 ETH

Discord Members: 42.8k

Twitter Followers: 67.7k


4. Chumbi Valley Official

chumbi valley

If you like Pokemon – then the Chumbi Valley NFT collection is for you! Chumbi Valley is an enchanting role-playing blockchain game being built on BSC & Polygon. These adorable NFT creatures inhabit a lush and mysterious forest valley. All in-game items and creatures are blockchain based tokens and NFTs. There are only 4096 limited edition NFTs. In the game you can earn their native token $CHMB

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Opensea 90 Day Volume: 177.58 ETH

Discord Members: 178.9k

Twitter Followers: 255.1k


5. Gensokishi Online

With Polygon’s low gas fees and fast transactions it’s no surprise that so many play to earn games are launching on the network. GENSOKISHI Online is the new GameFi of Elemental Knights Online that won the “Gold Award of Game of the year” in Taiwan in 2012 with a total downloads of over 8 million. It’s a game with a 13 year history.

Anyone can start the game for free, resell the items acquired in the game on the NFT Marketplace, buy the rights and sell user generated costumes.

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Opensea 90 Day Volume: 69.7 ETH

Discord Members: 43.1k

Twitter Followers: 77.7k


6. TheMaticGreys

the matic greys

These aliens are straight up cool! Owning a Matic Grey provides you with a rare, one of a kind, work of art, but also provides access to the mothership on tcg world: a metaverse community where members can play games, win prizes, and vote on charitable donations. There are 7,747 unique Matic Greys available on Opensea.

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Opensea 90 Day Volume: 20.3 ETH

Discord Members:

Twitter Members: 1.5k


7. Firestarter Metaverse Collection

firestarter nft

While not your typical PFP or game NFT, Firestarter Metaverse Collection NFTs give you exciting utility in their Firestarter ecosystem. NFT holders get airdrops in their native $FLAME token along with the ability to mint a Firestarter NFT character.

Firestarter incubates the top metaverse projects by providing them funding and community support. $FLAME token holders also get exclusive access to presales for other metaverse tokens launched.

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Opensea 90 Day Volume: 218.47 ETH

Telegram Members: 20.3k

Twitter Members: 58.3k


8. Crypto Unicorns

crypto unicorns nft

Crypto Unicorns is one of the hottest NFT projects on Polygon as of late, recently raising a $26M token sale. Built by Laguna Games, Crypto Unicorns is a Digital Pet Collecting and Farming Game built on the blockchain.

The gameplay centers around awesomely unique Unicorn NFTs which players utilize in a fun farming simulation, as well as other gameplay including Jousting, Racing, and Team RPG. The game is arriving soon.

In this collection there are 10,000 Unicorns hatched from the Genesis Eggs that can only be bred up to 8 times. This will be further deflated overtime with the introduction of a future burn mechanism.

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Opensea 90 Day Volume: 5877.94 ETH

Discord Members: 31.79k

Twitter Members: 26.9k


9. Chicken Derby

chicken derby nft

Chicken Derby is a fun and simple racing game where you can own and race a chicken to win ETH. There are 33,333 chickens available on Polygon. The game has been developed by the team of Final Boss Games, who are well known for the game Ganja Farmer with over 7 million downloads.

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Opensea 90 Day Volume: 407.96 ETH

Discord Members: 7.01k

Twitter Followers: 22.9k


10. Aavegotchi


Last but not least, Aavegotchi is one of our favorite NFTs on Polygon. While not on Opensea, Aavegotchi is an entire protocol with a decentralized marketplace, exchange and more. In their play-to-earn game “The Gotchiverse” you can have your digital pet ghost, inspired by the savings protocol Aave – where you can save at rates up to 40x higher than your bank! Your pet NFT can earn you yield through their governance token GHST, and in game currencies which are coming soon.

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Discord Members: 20k

Twitter Followers: 92.5k


Wrapping Up


The quality and quantity of NFT projects launching on Polygon is exciting for the ecosystem. We hope you liked our list!

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. All advice in this blog is general in nature and does not take into account your individual situation. You should consult with a professional or do your own research before purchasing any NFTs.

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