8 Best GameFi projects on Polygon

8 Best GameFi projects on Polygon

The Polygon gaming ecosystem is thriving and Polygon is making itself known as the home to gaming on the blockchain. Having raised 450m, they show no signs of slowing and have a dedicated part of the project dealing entirely in games, NFTs and metaverse projects on Polygon – Polygon Studios is a great way to keep up to date with the happenings on the chain.

We’ve compiled 8 of the best gaming projects on Polygon that are still thriving in Bear season and will give you some insight into each of them in this article. 

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  1. Pegaxy
  2. Aavegotchi
  3. The Sandbox
  4. Arc8
  5. Chain Games
  6. Crazy Defense Heroes
  7. Planet IX
  8. Gala Games

(In no ranked order)



Governance token: $PGX
Utility token: $VIS

One of the most popular games on Polygon, Pegaxy is a horse racing simulator with PvP matches. 12 horses run per match, with the top 3 receiving $VIS as the in game reward. There are monthly qualifiers and a large annual event: The Big Sprint championship. A 660 player pool reaches the finals, with the winner earning a large amount of the $PGX token.

Peggy also offer other interactive mechanics such as minting, voting and breeding. With future plans for farming and stadiums, meaning players have many ways to earn today and in the future.

Visit the Pegaxy website: https://pegaxy.io/



Governance token: $GHST
DEX liquidity reward: $GTLR

In-game currencies $FOMO $FUD $ALPHA $KEK

Remember Tamagotchis of the 90’s? Welcome to nostalgia with a Web3 twist. 

A yield-generating NFT + adorable digital pet, fusing together as part of a playable NFT game on Polygon. Every Aavegotchi is different, with varying properties. Play games, feed and even collect new clothes for your special creature.

With Gotchiverse on the horizon (Aavegotchi’s very own metaverse) players will soon have even more ways to earn passive income. Four in-game currencies are expected inside the metaverse, $FOMO, $FUD, $ALPHA, $KEK

Visit the Aavegotchi website: https://www.aavegotchi.com/

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

Currency: $SAND
Metaverse land token: $LAND

The Sandbox metaverse offers players and creators a decentralized and intuitive platform to create immersive 3D worlds and gaming experiences. It hosts one of the biggest on-boarding of major IP’s in blockchain history. With giant brands such as Atari, Binance, Rollercoster Tycoon and many more, who have purchased virtual real-estate. The Sandbox offers more than just gameplay, but tools for creatives to craft and a large marketplace that users can safely store, trade, and monetize their creations. All plots inside The Sandbox metaverse have already been fully minted, therefore they can only be acquired by purchasing through the marketplace, or via secondary marketplaces like OpenSea.

Visit the Sandbox website: https://www.sandbox.game/



Utility token: $GMEE

Arc8 is not just one game, but a collection of over 10 mini games. Varying from puzzle to action games, players have a selection of ways to play and earn on the Polygon chain.

Every day there’s new tournaments for players. A mix between free-to-play and others requiring a participation fee, with rewards paid out in $GMEE. Winnings varying depending on the modes you play. With fee based games paying out larger sums to players. 

Visit the Arc8 website: https://www.gamee.com/arc8

Chain Games

Chain Games

Utility token: $CHAIN

With partners like Atari and TrustSwap, Chain games places itself as a prime place for battle to earn tokenomics. $CHAIN acts as a utility token within the ecosystem. The token is rewarded to players via pvp modes and tournaments, and is also stake-able, which can earn stakers airdrops and more. Players can choose from a diverse genre of games depending on mood, or what gets your juices flowing. The games are AAA quality overlays of some of the most popular gaming franchises, meaning you can play COD, Halo, Fifa and earn while doing so! Esports just got AAA on Polygon. Developers can integrate their own creation into the Chain Games ecosystem, thus channelling excited players already in the community.

Visit the Chain Games website: https://chaingames.io/

Crazy Defense Hero

Crazy Defense Heroes

Utility token: $TOWER 

Go solo for upto 1000 levels or Clan it up, the choice is yours in Crazy Defense Heroes, an RPG-style tower defence game for Polygon. Collect cards, open chests and claim rewards. A variety of weekly challenges and bosses, there is plenty of repeatability and fun to be had in one of Polygons fastest growing games. Crazy Defense Heroes is available not only on Polygon, but also Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain too.

Visit the Crazy Defense Heroes website: https://crazydefenseheroes.com/

Planet IX

Planet IX

Governance and utility token: $IXT 

Save the world in this NFT-based strategy game. Aquire pieces of land (called PIX), collecting waste and exchanging it for rewards and upgrades for your PIX.

As you level up your PIX, you can merge them together to form even bigger collections called a Territory NFT. Once here, you own your territory NFT and this can be traded. The narrative of the game is about bringing awareness to the environmental impact humans have on the planet. Players can even contribute to saving our real planet by donating IXT utility tokens to ESG and other environmental organisations. There’s a selection of Defi protocols such as staking and LP mining available to all players.

Visit the Planet IX website: https://planetix.com/

Gala Games

Gala Games

Utility token: $GALA 

Gala Games is not a metaverse (yet), but certainly one of the most bullish web3 gaming platforms and 3D asset marketplaces to date. Gala Games aims to set itself apart from other ecosystems, with its ‘Fun First’ principle “Blockchain games you’ll want to play”.

Gala is an ecosystem powered by 16,000 player run nodes, with 1.3 million active monthly users and a thriving market for assets. Items and inherited statuses are tradable with other players or usable in-game. A jaw-dropping $3 million NFT purchase has already been recorded on the marketplace. That being said, most games are still in development and the Play-to-Earn tokenomics are still yet to be fleshed out. What is known, is that the $GALA token will be involved. 

Visit the Gala Games website: https://app.gala.games


There you have it, seven ways smart money likes to play. A combination of skill, risk and luck can make some serious rewards, on top of the fun of course.

Let us know which games you played by dropping us a message via our social media. We are always looking for the best Polygon has to offer. If you believe we missed out something then find us on twitter and shill it to us!

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Always check whether the website is secure, starting with ‘https://’ and cross reference the smart contract with two sources. We recommend coinmarketcap.com and coingecko.com as the most reliable and popular sources.

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