Introducing Minke Whales NFT

In 2022, common crypto users came under threat from dangerous centralized exchanges gambling away their fortunes. The Minke Whale NFT, the most common species of whale, is a reward for those pursuing decentralized finance. Embark on a quest to secure your fortune through self custody via the Minke mobile wallet.

Minke Whales will be available to mint on the Polygon network and tradeable on secondary markets including Opensea and OnePlanet. 

Minke Whales are a hand drawn collection named after the most common whale species, the Minke whale. 

The Purpose Of The Collection
Minke Whales were created by the team at Minke, a self-custodian DeFi wallet. The aim is to encourage more crypto users to switch from using centralized exchanges to self-custody to own their own money.

Holders of the NFT will be eligible for early-access to features such as P2P in-wallet trading. 

The Minke Whales NFT also works amazingly as a profile picture to complete your web3 identity. Holders can put their Minke Whale as their profile picture to signal they belong to the Minke Pod and own a piece of web3.

Anatomy Of The Collection
The collection comprises 10,000 profile-picture style NFTs on the Polygon network. With almost 200 unique traits including rares, Minke Whales is an aesthetically pleasing profile picture. Some highlights of the collection:

  • 5 Species of whales – Orca, Narwhal, Nemo, Humpback and Minke
  • Rare backgrounds including ‘Octopus Garden’ and ‘Sunset At The Beach’
  • 5 Rare 1-of-1s

Best of luck to minters in their quest for a rare NFT!

How To Mint
Minting will be live from the 5th of April 2pm UTC. Steps to mint an NFT:

  1. Download the Minke Mobile App on iOS or Android:



    2. Follow the steps in the app to ‘Claim Free NFT!’, you will need to follow us on Twitter and join our community Telegram

That’s all! Claim your NFT for free, we even cover the gas cost for you. You can then view your Minke Whale NFT in the ‘NFTs’ section of your Minke wallet and set it as your profile picture in your Minke wallet, Twitter and Telegram. Thank you for using Minke Wallet 💙

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