Minke has launched in Spanish!

Minke ahora disponible en Español! Or in English: Minke is now available in Spanish.

We are excited that our Spanish-speaking users can now buy, save and invest in the Minke app in their native language.

Our Spanish launch shows our commitment to making stablecoins and DeFi more intuitive in emerging markets. Minke is available in every Spanish speaking country and you can also buy crypto with a Debit or Credit card in 12 Spanish-speaking countries including Argentina, Colombia and Chile.

To change the language in app, go to the “Settings” screen and then press “Language”, where you can choose between English, Portuguese (BR), and Spanish.

Latin America (LATAM) is a hotbed for crypto and stablecoin adoption. Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador all ranked in the 20 countries in Chainalysis’ 2022 Global Crypto Adoption Index. With a long history of inflation and monetary instability, stablecoins are also widely seen as store of wealth in many countries. When Argentina’s Economy Minister resigned, local exchanges saw a 300% increase in stablecoin purchases.

We’ll be rolling out more LATAM-focused features over the coming months including local spend products and integrations.

What is Minke?

Minke is a self-custodial wallet that lets you buy, spend, save and invest with stablecoins and crypto – in 180+ countries. With Apple Pay and Google Pay integrated, it’s the easiest way to buy stablecoins and crypto with your local currency. Supporting the low-cost Polygon network, most transactions are gas free.

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