Minke Now Supports Binance Smart Chain

We’re thrilled to announce that Minke now supports Binance Smart Chain (now also known as BNB Smart Chain). Launched by Binance in late 2020, BSC as its commonly known has quickly become one of the most popular Layer 1 blockchains with hundreds of thousand of daily active users.

BSC is especially popular in many emerging markets like Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere throughout LATAM. In our mission to empower the world to own better money, supporting crypto adoption alongside BSC in these regions was an obvious choice.

With low gas fees and high transaction speeds, BSC has become the chain of choice not only for users but also many DeFi and GameFi projects. Within Minke, users are now able to buy BNB or BUSD with debit card or local bank transfer in 180+ countries. You can also swap between hundreds of tokens on BSC through our dex aggregator that pulls the best rate from Pancakeswap, Waultswap, and other popular decentralized exchanges. In the future, stablecoin savings products will be introduced so you can earn interest for staking your BUSD.

BSC Launch Giveaway

To celebrate our launch on BSC we’re giving away $1000 in BNB prizes to anyone who makes a purchase of at least $30 of BNB or BUSD through our in-app onramp partner Moonpay. Purchases must be made before 12:00pm UTC on December 1st. Prizes will be distributed to the BSC addresses that made the purchase on December 7.

Grand Prize: $500 in BNB (1 winner)

Second Prize: $100 in BNB (3 winners)

Third Prize: $25 in BNB (8 winners)

Moonpay is only available in select jurisdictions. You can see a list of supported countries here.

What is Minke?

Minke is a self-custodial crypto wallet that lets you buy, spend, save and invest with stablecoins and crypto – in 180+ countries. With Apple Pay and Google Pay integration, it’s the easiest way to buy stablecoins and crypto with your local currency. Minke supports popular low-cost chains like Polygon and Binance Smart Chain.

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