Most Anticipated Airdrops of 2023

In our previous airdrop blog post we explained how to qualify for large airdrops from Arbitrum, Blur & Sui. All airdrops have now occurred and airdrop farmers made great money!

Now that those 3 huge airdrops are over, what are the most anticipated potential airdrops for the second half of 2023? Let’s take a look at the projects and how you can be eligible for an airdrop.

ZkSync is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that uses zero-knowledge rollup technology to enable faster and cheaper transactions. In 2022, zkSync raised $200m and announced they were setting aside ⅔ of future tokens for their ecosystem.  

Your best chance of being eligible for any airdrop is to regularly use the chain or platform as intended by the creators as their goal is to generate real usage – they want to reward real people. Some of the most popular protocols on zkSync are Orbiter Finance (bridging), ZigZag Exchange (decentralised exchange) and Argent (wallet). Try using these products regularly on zkSync to be eligible for a potential airdrop.

LayerZero is an omnichain interoperability protocol meaning it enables cross-chain applications to function more easily. They haven’t announced an aidrop yet but the do have a coin labelled ‘ZRO’ in their code plus they’ve raised large amounts of money from big VCs, both of which are big hints towards a future airdrop.

To be eligible for a potential airdrop users should use platforms that are powered by LayerZero to complete transfers. Some reputable platforms powered by LayerZero include Stargate Finance, Aptos Bridge & Rage Trade. 

OpenPeer is a self-custodial p2p exchange enabling users to buy and sell crypto for fiat without a centralised intermediary. OpenPeer is soon to be integrated into self-custodial wallets on mobile and desktop making the platform more accessible to a wide range of users. Users who use OpenPeer now before wallet integrations are likely to receive a larger airdrop for being early to the platform.

The recently launched project is running a retroactive airdrop. All traders will be eligible to receive tokens which are redeemable once the airdrop is live. 

To be eligible, users should complete trades on the platform in their chosen currency and join the Discord channel.

Good luck airdrop farmers! Remember, no airdrops are guaranteed and the timing of airdrops is uncertain – it may take many months until a project officially announces an airdrop. By continuing to check in on projects and complete tasks in their ecosystem you give yourself the best chance of receiving potential airdrops. 

Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. All advice in this blog is general in nature and does not take into account your individual situation. You should consult with a professional or do your own research before investing in cryptocurrency.

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