MTA listing

mStable Meta (MTA) is now available in Minke!

We’re pleased to announce that you are now able to buy $MTA via our gas-free exchange within your Minke wallet! In our mission to support the best cryptocurrencies across Polygon and Ethereum, adding the governance token that powers our savings yield in Minke was an obvious choice.

What is mStable Meta (MTA)?

mStable is the often dubbed the “best savings account in DeFi” and is the default savings protocol in Minke on Polygon.

mStable unites yield across multiple stablecoins by lending and earning trading fees. Users of mStable can deposit stablecoins to earn yield or they can swap between stablecoins with low-slippage.

mStable is a decentralized protocol and is governed by Meta (MTA) token holders. By holding MTA and participating in governance you can set the direction of the protocol as well as earn additional MTA and trading fees

Is MTA audited?

Yes the MTA token has been audited. You can view audit details here.

How to Buy MTA

You can follow the steps below or watch our video on how to buy $MTA token

  1. Download Minke Wallet
  2. Add USDC or another stablecoin to Your Account
  3. Go to Investments
  4. Press +Buy MTA
  5. Exchange USDC for MTA

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What is Minke?

Minke is a sef-custodial crypto wallet that lets you buy, spend, save and invest with stablecoins and crypto – in 180+ countries. With Apple Pay and Google Pay integration, it’s the easiest way to buy stablecoins and crypto with your local currency. Natively built on Polygon, most transactions are gas free.

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