The Best Free Crypto Analytics Platforms

The crypto industry has an abundance of available information. Sorting through the noise of Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, Discord & Youtube to determine which pieces of information are important can take up a lot of investor’s time and they inevitably miss out on profitable opportunities.

Free Crypto Analytics Tools For All
Thankfully crypto analytics tools exist to help with the information overload and a lot of the best analytics tools are actually free to use. Crypto investors can utilise these tools to focus their attention and research on which projects to invest in, all whilst saving a tonne of time. Knowing what information to look for is half the problem, but specialized tools make it easy.

Importantly, using these tools and defining what metrics are important to you as an investor can help you make your own informed decisions on what tokens to invest in. With many crypto influencers having a reputation of dumping on their followers, it’s an important skill that will pay dividends in your portfolio’s performance.

Let’s take a look at the best free crypto analytics tools available today.

DeFi Llama
DeFi Llama is the largest TVL aggregator for DeFi. Their focus is on accurate and transparent information. DeFi Llama is super easy and flexible to use, enabling you to drill down into the data for specific pieces of information you’re interested in. DeFi Llama, true to its name, is focused on DeFi. Users can look up individual or aggregated information on Yields, Decentralized Excahnges, ETH Liquid Staking, Stablecoins or basically anything DeFi related. 

One particularly useful piece of information available on DeFiLlama is a list of tokenless protocols that may in the future do an airdrop. Airdrops have historically been a fantastic and easy way for individuals to make money in crypto. The potential airdrops list is incredibly useful for airdrop farmers and saves a ton of time that would otherwise be spent researching individual protocols. DeFi Llama has all the necessary airdrop and DeFi information in one place.


Dune Analytics
Dune Analytics is a great platform for viewing charts and graphs about pretty much any crypto topic. Anyone (with some technical knowledge) can set up a dashboard to track metrics in Dune Analytics. The dashboard is then free and available for all users to view. 

The dashboards on NFTs are very informative, providing key market insights such as which NFT platform has the most volume which is important to know if you’re planning on buying/selling NFTs and need liquidity.

Another great dashboard is Top NFT Collections by @cryptuschrist, on which users can view aggregated metrics on the top 100 NFT collections across all major NFT trading platforms. Users can view how much a collection’s floor price has fallen or risen over the past 24 hours, providing indication of possible trends to invest or sell into and what the next NFT narrative might be.


Possibly the most popular site for viewing individual coin’s data, CoinGecko provides real-time data on prices, exchange volumes, news updates, research pieces and much, much more. CoinGecko is a trusted source of information in the crypto industry, something needed in an emerging industry to enable better decision making and growth.

There are over 12,000 coins listed on CoinGecko, each with detailed information including market cap, supply information and price charts over various time frames. From a specific Coin’s page on CoinGecko users can find out which exchange has listed the token and its tokenomics. Being aware of a coin’s tokenomics is important for investors so they can determine the best time to buy or sell.


Token Terminal
Token Terminal is a good platform that shows which protocols are currently generating fees and revenue, as well as historical revenue data. That’s an important piece of information when making investment decisions as revenue and fees can indicate a sustainable project that will be around for a long time.

Token Terminal is super easy to use, its one limitation though is it only lists 115 projects so users don’t receive a complete overview of the market. However, if you’re only looking into major coins this isn’t an issue as Token Terminal lists all the popular coins.


All of the above mentioned platforms are easy and free to use on mobile or desktop. The best way to determine which suits your investment strategy is to try them out. There is an immense amount of tailored information on crypto out there waiting for you.

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