Best Crypto Newsletters

One of the best ways to keep up to date with the latest in crypto news is by finding the best crypto newsletters and subscribing to a few that will help you keep on top of market movements, trends and news. 

The crypto and decentralized finance ecosystem is chock full of passionate people, many of whom study the space and specialise in different aspects of crypto whether that be investing in projects with strong fundamentals for the long term, technical analysis, shorter term narrative based investments or NFTs. The newsletters that are best for you depend on what particular niche you are interested in. We believe you’ll find a good mix of news, interviews, alpha and insight by subscribing to the options we have dug out for you.

Here are our top 7 that will help you keep on top of everything you need to know!

  1. The Milk Road
  2. Messari Crypto
  3. The DeFi Edge
  4. Bankless
  5. DeFi Pulse
  6. The Defiant
  7. Today in DeFi

Read on for our round up of the best crypto and DeFi newsletters.

We love the Milk Road’s approach to condensing what we need to know and making it fun.

The Milk Road

The Milk Road is a daily crypto newsletter from Shaan Puty (former Bebo CEO) and Ben Levy. 

Self-described as “your smart, no bs friend who tells you about the most interesting stuff going on in crypto”, we agree with that description and love the easily digestible round-up of what’s going on in crypto and web 3.0. It’s not only hard to keep track of everything happening – understanding the complexities is difficult too! Milk Road does a fantastic job of deconstructing the jargon and telling you what you need to know.

Check out this newsletter that breaks down the 69 (nice) page ‘Lummis Bill‘ – we needed this. Ain’t nobody got time to be reading legislative documents – or more to the point, very few of us have the ability to digest that information and find the key takeaways. For another good example of why we love the Milk Road, check out this edition which broke down the key takeaways from the Bankless interview of Vance Spencer. See what we mean?

If you’re looking for a very well written, personable daily round-up to keep you informed of what’s going on – we highly recommend signing up for the Milk Road!

Best for: daily crypto and web 3.0 overview that strikes the perfect balance of informed, digestible and enjoyable to read.
Cost: Free
Read time: 5 mins daily
Links: Sign up here | Twitter

Messari Crypto 'Unpopular Opinions'

Messari ‘Unpopular Opinions’

The Messari crypto newsletter is undoubtedly one of the leading crypto newsletters. 

We love the Messari website as a whole and often use the Messari news page as our go to news feed – it combines articles from many of the top crypto news sites.

Messari aim to organize and contextualize crypto information globally, and the Unpopular Opinions newsletter is one of their offerings to help do this! It’s a daily slice of crypto news, opinions and research written by some of the industries thought leaders. We love it and it comes highly recommended from team Minke.

Best for: daily nuggets of crypto intel and hot takes from Ryan Selkis (aka TwoBitIdiot)
Cost: Free
Read time: 5 minutes daily
Links: Sign up here | Twitter

The DeFi Edge newsletter saves you countless hours of DeFi research.

The DeFi Edge

If you are looking for well researched decentralized finance alpha, The DeFi Edge is the newsletter for you. 

Promising the best alpha with no shilling and no Ethereum maximalism, The DeFi Edge offers high quality insight into the market including trading strategies and research into early investment opportunities across the different DeFi ecosystems. 

We love ‘Edge’s’ detailed takes on DeFi as a whole, in particular we like to see strategies being shared for those with a lower portfolio. With Minke being the most common whale, we always love to see content being shared for those who don’t have a huge initial investment and Edge offers a much more nuanced and thoughtful approach than the usual ‘buy high caps’ and chanting of ‘buy the dip’ with no further education provided. Here’s another example of a great newsletter on creating systems for investing. With the psychological element being such a big part of being a trader or investor, tips from pros on how to think about these things should be considered the real alpha.

Best for: well researched, deeper dive insights into DeFi 
Cost: Free
Read time: 10 minutes weekly
Links: Sign up here | Twitter

Bankless provide fantastic resources for beginners and crypto natives alike.


If you’re not following Bankless, you’re missing out on some great content. Bankless have one of the best crypto podcasts in the industry, which you should check out if you haven’t already. 

They have a few different newsletters including their headline Bankless newsletter, Green Pill (Regenerative Finance) and Metaversal (NFTs and Metaverse) and are for sure one of the better paid offerings. They also have localized versions through their DAO – like Bankless Brasil which offers free content in Portuguese.

Bankless have a wide audience and network across the industry and the quality of their writers reflect this. Often bringing longer form newsletters on specific topics which we find massively helpful – here’s an example of a piece about how the Ethereum Merge could affect NFTs. Whilst many of us in DeFi and crypto are thinking about the technical aspects of the merge – this is a great example of covering other angles and providing education on topics we might not even think about!

Best for: Interviews and consistent high value content across all channels. NFTs and
Cost: Free with a paid subscription option at $22 per month.
Time: from 5 mins per week to as many hours as you want if you subscribe to their YouTube!
Links: Sign up here | Twitter

DeFi Pulse cover yield farming and have specialist newsletters for Polygon and Polkadot

DeFi Pulse

DeFi Pulse is one of the premier DeFi analysis websites and they publish a weekly newsletter suited to those who have/want a deeper understanding of DeFi and yield farming. They cover weekly trends in yield farming and also have a newsletter specifically focused on DeFi on the Polygon network, which we of course love! 

If you’re looking for a Polygon newsletter, we recommend signing up for Polypulse. Here’s an example of the content you’ll receive. We love the data provided each week and the in-depth analysis of what’s happening in the Polygon ecosystem. It’s written by a Polygon team member so you can be sure you’re at the cutting edge of DeFi on Polygon.

Best for: cutting edge DeFi and yield farming tactics, DeFi on Polygon
Cost: Free 
Time: 10 mins per week
Links: Sign up here | Twitter

One of the premier DeFi news sites – The Defiant offer a whole raft of content to keep you abreast of the goings on in crypto and DeFi.

The Defiant

The Defiant is the leading news site in decentralized finance. Headed up by Camila Russo, they also produce one of the best daily newsletters we subscribe to. Free subscribers receive a daily email with the latest news as well as a weekly round-up which is helpful if you would rather dip in once a week.

Being at the forefront of journalism in DeFi, the Defiant leads the way for professionally written, curated and delivered crypto content. DeFi Dad writes their alpha report and as a rule, The Defiant should be a staple in any true crypto newsletter enjoyooors inbox.

Best for: those who enjoy a news style briefing
Cost: Free with a premium option that provides an additional weekly alpha newsletter as well as interview transcripts for $15 per month or $100 per year if you pay in crypto.
Time: 15 minutes per week
Links: Sign up here | Twitter

Today in DeFi provide a focused daily round-up of everything happening in DeFi.

Today in DeFi

Today in DeFi is a daily round-up of DeFi news. Whilst The Milk Road focuses on crypto and Web 3.0, Today in DeFi focuses solely on (unsurprisingly) DeFi and is therefore a great option if you want to be able to catch up on the day’s happenings. 

News, airdrops, it’s all covered. One thing we like about this newsletter is the direct linking to relevant tweets covering the news of the day. As we know, much of crypto exists on Twitter and it is exceptionally difficult to keep track of with so many voices and so little time. We appreciate Today in DeFi allowing us to find the tweets we should be paying attention to with ease.

Best for: your daily dose of DeFi news
Cost: Free with ads, premium subscription for $39.99pm or $399 annually.
Read time: 5 minutes daily
Links: Sign up here | Twitter

Best of the rest

Some great resources that are either less regular, or not technically newsletters.

Cobie – He needs no introduction, but thoughtful insights from the host of UpOnly

Crypto Cred – longer form content from one of Crypto Twitters favourite traders

The Macro Compass – Talking about all things…macro

Fooo – Insights from a crypto investing Panda

The Reading Ape – Summarised podcast episodes 

Trader Scarpa – Trading content from Scarpa

Which of your favourite newsletters have we missed? Reach out and let us know!

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